Welcome to Crypto Gossip NFT the home of artist Sumalee Bow and where NFTs for the Ethereum and Cardano blockchains are developed.

Cardano NFTs

There is no doubt that in long term, Cardano will become one of the leading platforms to issue, curate, and transfer an NFT from one party to another party and Charles Hoskinson himself has touched upon this in his discussions and AMA’s.

Our sales will take place on this site and after sales will also be available in the NFT market place at CNFT.io where you can apply the project filter for the Thai Smile Elephant project to see what is available.

The Cardano NFTs minted by Crypto Gossip will have their own unique Policy ID. This unique ID is attached permanently to the NFT assets. Our unique assets can be checked in our policy ID page and has been verified by CNFT.io

Rarity charts for each collection are also be available on our website here to enable the NFT’s to be cross referenced.

Ethereum NFTs

Our Ethereum NFT collections will be listed on the Opensea NFT website. You can follow the link on our Ethereum collection page.

Feel free to reach out to Sumalee Bow on Twitter @CryptoGossipNFT